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Read the test questions on the ASE practice test and try to answer each question using the best of your knowledge. If you are not sure about the answer, try using the process of elimination to find the best suited answer.










Technician A and Tech B questions are common to find throughout an ASE test. This style of questioning offers 2 technicians and their knowledge about the topic. One technician may be right, while the other is wrong, or they may both be right or wrong at the same time.









Also commonly used are questions that ask for the most likely and least likely answer. Try to keep it simple when you're  eliminating the wrong answers from the given choices and only concentrate on the least likely or most likely answer. These types of questions can be found on the actual exam and the ASE practice test.

















You may need to know specific measurements for a portion of the ASE test. Though certain measurements may be standard knowledge for techs within the field of discussion, it can be a coin toss for others. Try to eliminate the wrong answers to the best of your ability if unsure about the answer.













Watch out for ASE test questions that use the word except. Use the process of elimination to remove the least likely answers from the list. This should help find the correct test answers much faster.


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ase practice test

Test your automotive knowledge with the free ASE practice test below. This is a short test and only an example of the types of ASE test questions and answers that you could come to expect from taking an ASE certification test.

ase a1 automotive engine repair

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1. A broken valve spring will result in which of the following symptoms?

a. Single cylinder misfire
b. Multiple cylinder misfire
c. Hesitation on acceleration
d. Hard starting



2. Technician A says ring end gaps should be staggered on the piston. Technician B says pistons should be installed using a piston ring compressor. Who is correct?

a. Technician A Only
b. Technician B Only
c. Both Technician A and B
d. Neither Technician A or B



3. A leaking head gasket will result in which of the following symptoms?

a. A severe loss of power
b. A loss of coolant with no visible indications
c. Engine run on after the ignition is switched off
d. Lower than normal coolant temperatures



4. An engine has been overheated until it quit running. What is the most likely result?

a. Warped heads
b. Oil coking
c. Damaged main bearings
d. Burned valves



5. Technician A says failed turbocharger bearings can cause excessive oil consumption. Technician B says the turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases. Who is correct?

a. Technician A Only
b. Technician B Only
c. Both Technician A and B
d. Neither Technician A or B



6. On most engines the clearance between the rod bearings and the crankshaft would be:

a. .005” to .010”
b. .010” to .015”
c. .001” to .003”
d. .0001” to .0003”



7. The normal valve lash on engines with hydraulic lifters would be:

a. .004” on the intakes, .008” on the exhausts
b. Zero lash
c. .008” on the intakes, .012” on the exhausts
d. .010” on the intakes, .020” on the exhausts



8. A rattling noise can be heard from the front of an engine when first started but gets much quieter as the engine warms up. What is the most likely cause?

a. A faulty chain tensioner
b. A loose serpentine belt
c. A broken fan blade
d. A broken motor mount


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9. Excessively high fuel pressure can be caused by all of the following except:

a. Crimped fuel return line
b. Faulty fuel pressure regulator
c. Faulty fuel pump check valve
d. Wrong fuel pump installed



10. A ridge reamer is used for what purpose during an engine overhaul?

a. Remove the ridge from the edges of the valves
b. Remove the ridge from the edges of the cam lobes
c. Remove the ridge from the tops of the pistons
d. Remove the ridge from the tops of the cylinder bores



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