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ase test questions
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ase test questions and answers

ase a1 automotive engine repair

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11. One revolution on a standard micrometer equals what distance?

a. .050”
b. .250”
c. .0025”
d. .025”

a. Incorrect
b. Incorrect
c. Incorrect
d. Correct, each revolution of the spindle on a standard micrometer equals .025”(twenty five thousandths of an inch)





12. All of the following are symptoms of worn rings except:

a. Excessive oil consumption
b. Low compression
c. Coolant in the oil
d. Reduced fuel economy

a. Incorrect, worn rings causes higher oil consumption
b. Incorrect, worn rings causes loss of compression
c. Correct, coolant should never be in the cylinder or combustion chamber
d. Incorrect, loss of power will reduce fuel economy


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13. After an engine overhaul, the engine runs rough and lacks power. What is the most likely cause?

a. Camshaft out of time
b. Crankshaft out of balance
c. Valves not seated in yet
d. Clogged fuel injectors

a. Correct, incorrect cam timing will cause rough running and a lack of power and is the most likely cause after an engine overhaul
b. Incorrect, although an out of balance crankshaft will cause vibration, it would not cause a lack of power
c. Incorrect, if the valves were properly lapped in, no seating period should be required
d. Incorrect, clogged fuel injectors can cause this symptom but is not likely immediately following an engine overhaul





14. The harmonic balancer serves what function?

a. Keeps the engine in balance
b. Keeps the induction system in balance
c. Reduces vibrations through the crankshaft during power strokes
d. Reduces the imbalance between the crankshaft and camshaft

a. Incorrect, the harmonic balancer does not balance the engine
b. Incorrect, has nothing to do with the induction system
c. Correct, each power stroke from each cylinder causes sudden strong vibrations through the crankshaft and the harmonic balancer helps reduce these vibrations
d. Incorrect, there is no imbalance between the cam and crank





15. Technician A says a clogged EGR port will cause detonation. Technician B says a clogged EGR port will not affect engine performance. Who is correct?

a. Technician A Only
b. Technician B Only
c. Both Technician A and B
d. Neither Technician A or B

a. Incorrect
b. Correct, a clogged EGR port will only prevent exhaust gases from entering the intake which will not affect engine performance
c. Incorrect, Technician A is wrong
d. Incorrect, Technician B is right



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How difficult were the questions? Did you feel comfortable answering the questions on the free ASE practice test?

Remember that this is only a sample of the types of ASE test questions and answers that you could encounter on the real test and not a reflection of what your actual test scores would be. The ASE test is randomized so there is no actual way of knowing what would be on the particular test that you're taking and knowing would be cheating regardless. Try to obtain as much information as possible prior to taking the actual ASE test. It should greatly increase your chances of passing the certification exam and skip retaking the same test over again every testing period.

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