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ase test questions and answers

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ase a1 automotive engine repair

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1. A broken valve spring will result in which of the following symptoms?

a. Single cylinder misfire
b. Multiple cylinder misfire
c. Hesitation on acceleration
d. Hard starting

a. Is correct, a broken valve spring will only cause a misfire in that cylinder
b. Only one cylinder is affected by a broken valve spring
c. Although lack of power due to a misfiring cylinder will cause slower acceleration, there should be no hesitation
d. This should not affect engine starting





2. Technician A says ring end gaps should be staggered on the piston. Technician B says pistons should be installed using a piston ring compressor. Who is correct?

a. Technician A Only
b. Technician B Only
c. Both Technician A and B
d. Neither Technician A or B

a. Incorrect, both Techs are correct, ring end gaps should be staggered to reduce blow by
b. Incorrect, a ring compressor should be used to prevent breaking rings during installation
c. Correct, both Techs are correct
d. Incorrect


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3. A leaking head gasket will result in which of the following symptoms?

a. A severe loss of power
b. A loss of coolant with no visible indications
c. Engine run on after the ignition is switched off
d. Lower than normal coolant temperatures

a. Incorrect, although a slight loss of power may be observed, it is unlikely to even be noticed by the customer
b. Correct, coolant is quite often leaked into the combustion chamber where it is burned and goes out the exhaust, on severely blown head gaskets this is easily confirmed by thick white smoke from the exhaust
c. Incorrect, leaking head gaskets will not cause engine run on
d. Incorrect, a loss of coolant will eventually cause higher than normal coolant temperatures





4. An engine has been overheated until it quit running. What is the most likely result?
a. Warped heads
b. Oil coking
c. Damaged main bearings
d. Burned valves

a. Correct, a severely overheated engine usually results in warped heads and blown head gaskets
b. Incorrect, although the oil may become hotter than normal but not hot enough to cause coking
c. Overheating will not damage bearings
d. The engine will usually stop running before valves become hot enough to burn.





5. Technician A says failed turbocharger bearings can cause excessive oil consumption. Technician B says the turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases. Who is correct?

a. Technician A Only
b. Technician B Only
c. Both Technician A and B
d. Neither Technician A or B

a. Incorrect
b. Incorrect
c. Correct, oil is fed under pressure to the turbocharger bearings from the engine and if they fail, oil would be lost into the exhaust system. Also, exhaust from the engine drives the turbine of the turbocharger so both Technicians are correct.
d. Incorrect





6. On most engines the clearance between the rod bearings and the crankshaft would be:

a. .005” to .010”
b. .010” to .015”
c. .001” to .003”
d. .0001” to .0003”

a. Incorrect
b. Incorrect
c. Correct, one thousandth to three thousandths of an inch is the acceptable range for bearing to crankshaft clearance
d. Incorrect, although on some tight clearance engines, .0005”(five ten thousandths of an inch) would be the minimum clearance





7. The normal valve lash on engines with hydraulic lifters would be:

a. .004” on the intakes, .008” on the exhausts
b. Zero lash
c. .008” on the intakes, .012” on the exhausts
d. .010” on the intakes, .020” on the exhausts

a. Incorrect
b. Correct, hydraulic lifters self adjust to zero lash
c. Incorrect
d. Incorrect





8. A rattling noise can be heard from the front of an engine when first started but gets much quieter as the engine warms up. What is the most likely cause?

a. A faulty chain tensioner
b. A loose serpentine belt
c. A broken fan blade
d. A broken motor mount

a. Correct, as the engine warms up and expands, it increases tension on the chain and the noise will be reduced or even disappear. This is usually due to a faulty timing chain tensioner
b. Incorrect, a loose serpentine belt would cause a squealing noise
c. Incorrect, if a broken fan blade did cause a rattling noise, it would not diminish as the engine temperature increases
d. Incorrect, a broken motor mount noise would not diminish with an increase in engine temperature


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9. Excessively high fuel pressure can be caused by all of the following except:

a. Crimped fuel return line
b. Faulty fuel pressure regulator
c. Faulty fuel pump check valve
d. Wrong fuel pump installed

a. Incorrect, a crimped fuel return line will cause fuel pressure to be higher than normal
b. Incorrect, a faulty fuel pressure regulator can cause high fuel pressure
c. Correct, the check valve only prevents fuel from bleeding back into the tank after the engine is shut down to prevent hard starting
d. Incorrect, a fuel pump with a much higher volume output will cause higher than normal fuel pressure





10. A ridge reamer is used for what purpose during an engine overhaul?

a. Remove the ridge from the edges of the valves
b. Remove the ridge from the edges of the cam lobes
c. Remove the ridge from the tops of the pistons
d. Remove the ridge from the tops of the cylinder bores

a. Incorrect, valves should be ground to restore the valve faces
b. Incorrect, if there were ridges on the cam lobes, the camshaft should be replaced
c. Incorrect, ridges due not develop on pistons
d. Correct, the cylinder bore is worn where the rings contact. Above the contact area, there is no wear. This creates a ridge which must be removed before installing the pistons



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How difficult were the questions? Did you feel comfortable answering the questions on the free ASE practice test?

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