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Read and comprehend every test question completely, so you don't make the mistake of answering the question wrong, while knowing the right answer.







Do not leave any questions unanswered. Your test score will be determined by the total amount of correct answers on the test. If the answer is left blank, it will be automatically counted as incorrect.







On the ASE certification test, you are allowed to change your current answers. At the same time, be sure to remove your original answer too. Once your test is completed and turned in, any questions with more than one choice being marked will automatically be counted as incorrect. Be sure to remove any duplicate choices from the test before you're finished.







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free ase study tips

The study tips are designed not only to familiarize you with the free ASE practice test, but with the actual test itself.

ase test questions - testing format

There are 3 various forms of ASE test questions that you will find on the exam. The test questions are all multiple choice and can range from:

  • Direct or Completion

  • Except, Least Likely or Most Likely

  • Technician A and Technician B

Direct or Completion
When reviewing direct questions, you will be asked details about the subject and must choose between the set of answers to find the best suited answer to the question. These type of questions are usually straight forward and as the name implies, direct.

Completion questions use a fill in the blank approach instead. If you're not sure about the correct answer, try to use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices. This should help you make a much more informed decision since you are essentially blocking the answers that you know with great certainty are wrong.

Except, Least Likely or Most Likely
These questions eliminate all unlikely prospects besides the most suited answer. If a question includes the word Except, then you would need to find the answer that least fits the question. For the Least Likely questions, you should find the less or least likely solution to the problem.

It's just the opposite for the Most Likely questions. For this style of questioning, you will need to find the most likely and best available answer. It all seems very straight forward because it is. But be sure that you keep your focus on which of the types of questions you're dealing with. If you're not paying close enough attention to the question at hand, simple mistakes could prevent you from choosing the correct answers.

Technician A and Technician B
Technician A and B questions are simply questions featuring 2 techs offering their viewpoint about a particular issue. These type of questions can be confusing if not done properly. Try to concentrate on one tech's statement first and conclude whether that tech is right or wrong. Then, move on to the next tech's statement and do the same. This should help keep your mind focused without letting one tech's opinion influence your decision about both.

When reviewing Tech A and B questions, you will have four different answers at your disposal. Typically, (a) is assigned to the first technician only while you would choose (b) if you think that the second technician is only correct. Picking both technicians is also available by deciding on (c) and you can pick (d) if you are concluding that both techs are incorrect in their statements. Though these forms of questions do not makeup the entire test, it's crucial to try and answer them as correctly as possible.

You can also get a better idea of the different question and answer formats on the free ASE practice test.

ase test preparation - study material

Many of the ASE study material that's available will contain preparation for more than just one area.

For example, if you're certifying for the A8 exam, you might receive A1-A8 material included in your findings. This will give you the advantage of cross-study. You may find it useful to study as much as possible, as content from your A1 study guide may in fact help with questions from the certified A8 test and vice versa.

Preparing for the ASE test will rely on the combination of "hands-on" experience you possess and study material that you can obtain. It's strongly recommended that you make as much study material available to you during your preparation. Study material can consist of automotive books, ASE free practice tests, ASE-based digital media including video, audio and specialty ASE testing software.

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